The New Emperor’s Concerto Book Spotlight

I’m back with lots of posts and news this week! Starting off with a spotlight post for my friend Hazel West and her newest book The New Emperor’s Concerto. I got to beta read this months ago and it’s a fun futuristic-enemies-to-friends-buddy-cop type book with plenty of snark and Good Omen’s references.

We’re teaming up for some promo this week (as my book releases this week!!)! We’ll be co-hosting an Instagram live Q&A on Thursday, 4/23, over my Instagram @cmbanschbach, for all your burning questions! We’d love to see you there!

Now on to the book!


The year is 2228 and the world is on the cusp of World War Four. London is rife with anarchists and secret plots. It looks like dark days are coming for the British Empire. Darker than any that have been seen for decades.

But luckily England has some help.

Sir Lysander is the King’s Righteous Man-and all that entails. He’s the king’s right hand, and a red one at that, the man who stands in the shadows and does what needs to be done for the protection of his country.

Eidolon is a phantom, the anarchist group Apophis’s top retrieval expert. They need something, he gets it, no matter the consequence. Even though he’d secretly prefer to be in his flat with his cat and a good book.

They’ve been butting heads for a while, but in times like these loyalties are known to change and right now, any help is good help. They just didn’t count on being the only thing standing between England and the start of the next world war.

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Giveaway and Instagram Photo Challenge

Hazel is offering 2 different giveaway opportunities!

One you can enter HERE

And the other you can enter by posting bookish pictures on Instagram in response to the prompts below. Each post gets you an entry into another giveaway!

Find the rest of the blog tour, complete with book reviews and interviews HERE!

About the Author

Hailing from Purgatory (aka, Florida) Hazel is an indie author, book wyrm, and coffee connoisseur. She typically enjoys writing books with an unconventional flair, probably with a bit of folklore and mythology, most definitely with a lot of siblings or brothers-in-arms. When she’s not writing, she manages an Etsy shop, drinks a lot of coffee, listens to music, haunts conventions, or just holes up like an eldritch horror and binges her favorite shows—for inspiration. If you meet this rare creature on the street, she has been known to respond to the offer of coffee and old bookstores. But it’s probably best you try to contact her online first.

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The rest of this week will be completely out of the ordinary as I continue to dust off the cobwebs and continue posting because WINTER SPELL RELEASES IN 3 DAYS!

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