That’s A Wrap!

Launch week is always a little crazy with posts and trying to stay patient up until release day, and then it’s a huge sigh of relief and justifying extra dessert because, hey, your book got published!

And it’s also being behind on your own wrap-up post. *hides*

BUT, wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who shared, posted, and was generally excited for this wintery book to be out in the world! I’m so happy that Tony and Diane’s story is out and you can meet all the characters, and explore new countries, and magic, and caribou, and northern lights!

It’s definitely got a special spot in my heart and I was trying to pinpoint why. But I think it’s because Tonya has a bit more of a lyrical side to her, so writing the rhythms of her words and thoughts drew out a more creative side of me. I relate a lot to Diane. And the boys. Well, they struggle and are doing they’re best. And I think the end scene of the book is one of my favorite that I’ve written.

So THANK YOU to everyone who put work into this book – editors, cover designers, marketing, formatting. To all the blog tour hosts. And to everyone who posted in the photo challenge over on Instagram. Check out the hashtag #WinterSpellChallenge to see all the entries!

Y’all are the best.

Catch up on author and character interviews, as well as reviews, below!

Monday 4/20:

Abigail Leskey – book spotlight –

Rachael Ritchey – book review –

MH Elrich – author interview –


Tuesday 4/21:

Rachael Ritchey – author interview –

E Paige Burkes – book spotlight –

Kelsey Bryant – book spotlight –

Claire B – Winter Spell as gifs –


Wednesday 4/22:

E Rawls – book spotlight –

Hazel West – character interview/book spotlight –

MH Elrich – character interview – Diane –

Claire B – meet the characters! –


Thursday 4/23 – RELEASE DAY!

CB Cook – book spotlight –

Marlene Simonette – book spotlight –

Claire B – Release Day! –


Friday 4/24

Marlene Simonette – author interview –

Deborah O’Carroll – book review –

Claire B – tour wrapup –

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So that’s a wrap, guys. Thanks for everything! ❤

Please leave a comment! I try and reply to all of them. Just keep it clean and relevant to the post. Stay shiny!

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