Winter Spell – Meet the Characters!

One more day before Winter Spell releases into the wild! I know I keep saying I’m so excited, but I really am and can’t wait to share this book!

And to celebrate, Adela’s Curse (Book 1 in the series) is FREE until Friday! Get it here!

I wanted to take today to introduce the characters as part of the blog tour (You can catch up on all the posts here including interviews and reviews!)

Available for pre-order now! Releases on 4/23!

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Look here for all the info you need to claim a swag pack!

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Tonya Freyr-dottir

Tonya is the daughter of a very rare union between a southern ocean and northern ice faery. And looked down upon due to her blood. And inability to use anything but small tendrils of magic. She lives in the southern ocean with her mother’s kin. At least until a mysterious attack unleashes the ice magic she didn’t know she had and the whole world freezes. Always unsure of herself, she’s scared to try any more magic, and is a little intimidated by Princess Diane’s exuberance. Really, all she wants is to find some sort of family.

Read an interview with Tonya!

Princess Diane

A human princess and descendant of a character you might know from another book in the series. 😉 She spends her days trying to keep her older brother and king organized while they try and rebuild their country after a brutal war where humans and faeries turned on each other. She’s very good at putting everyone else first but dreams of adventure and things being better. Nervous about magic, but ready to trek cross country and befriend a shy young faery who accidentally froze her country.

Read an interview with Diane here!

August of Celedon

August is a forest faery from Celedon forest in Myrnius. You might also recognize his parents from other books in the series, 😉 Outgoing and full of restless energy and residual anger from fighting in the dark war. He’s the type of faery that throws himself wholeheartedly into something, be it epic quests, fighting monstrous creatures and defending his friends, or arguing with another specific faery on the quest…

(August is far left!)

Dorian of Csorna Hold

Pictured on the middle left, Dorian hails from the faery hold in Durne. Quiet and reserved, he uses his magic for healing during and after the war, and keeps his emotions tamped really deep down. But as you can see, is always ready with a scowl and his double bladed staffs. Especially when a certain forest faery is involved… However he might have a solution to help Tonya to start using her magic.

So there you have it! The image above used for the boys is fabulous artwork done by HSJ Williams and is part of the pre-order swag pack. You can claim your postcard, along with bookmarks and some epic stickers, by preordering or ordering after tomorrow and submitting the receipt. See here for all the details! 

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