Oath of the Outcast Blog Tour!


Today is a day I legitimately thought might never come. Not because I have the patience of a toddler, but because when I started working on this book 5 years ago, publishing this was kind of a dream.

Now, I’m so excited to see Rhys/The Baron and his story go out into the world tomorrow! This book has been such a big part of my life for the last 5 years, and is a story of my heart. You’ll get bits and pieces of this in the varied interviews spread across the next few days, but this book helped me pick at some old scars I didn’t realize hadn’t really ever healed, and begin to finally process.

If that sounds familiar, then this story is for you.

A lost brother.
An unwilling outlaw.
A rising enemy.
An unusual alliance.

Years ago, Rhys MacDuffy was brutally cut off from his clan, stripped of his name and inheritance, and banished to the remote Dragon Keep. Perched high above the Shang Pass in the land of Alsaya, he assumed the mantle of the Mountain Baron, serving out his sentence as the overseer of the worst outlaws and outcasts.

But one day he receives a desperate message from the clan who disowned him: MacDuffy’s Seer—his beloved brother—has been taken by their enemies.

With his band of Mountain Brigands and an unwelcome sidekick, Rhys leaves his mountain stronghold to find and rescue his brother. The tide of war is rising amongst the Clans of Alsaya, fueled by the magic-wielding sect of Druids who seek to unleash a dark force the world has long forgotten.

Can the bond of blood run deeper than banishment?


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To celebrate, I’m teaming up with Crosshair Press to give away things!! Up for prizes are 2 ebooks, 1 paperback, and a combo package of bookmarks and a map postcard!

Click HERE to enter! 

Blog Tour Schedule

July 22

Tour opening – C.M. Banschbach http://clairembanschbach.com

July 23 – Release Day!

Interview – Hazel West – http://hazelwest.blogspot.com

8 Things to know about Rhys/The Baron (Using only Dean Winchester gifs) – C.M. Banschbach – http://clairembanschbach.com

July 24

Review/spotlight – Breny – https://betterthanrubies.home.blog/

Meet the characters! – C.M. Banschbach – http://clairembanschbach.com

July 25

Interview/Review – Kyle Shultz – kylerobertshultz.com

Interview – K.A. Cummins – authorkacummins.com

Book 2 Title Reveal! – C.M. Banschbach – http://clairembanschbach.com

July 26

Review/Spotlight – Deborah O’Carroll – https://thepagedreamer.wordpress.com/

Interview – M.H. Elrich – Https://mhelrich.com

Spotlight – Tricia Mingerink – www.triciamingerink.com

July 27

Review/Spotlight – Rachel Ritchey – rachaelritchey.com

Review/Interview – Cheyanne van L. – https://thedancingbardess.wordpress.com

Tour Wrap Up & Conclusion – C.M. Banschbach – http://clairembanschbach.com

12 thoughts on “Oath of the Outcast Blog Tour!

  1. I’ve enjoyed every one of your books that I have read so I’m excited for this one. I just have to get back into the habit of visual reading since all I’ve done lately is audiobooks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, thank you so much! That made my day to hear that you’ve enjoyed my other books!! I hope you enjoy this one as well!
      (Also I know that an audiobook will be coming at some point from Crosshair Press, but have no idea on timeline!)


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