Here’s Something Random


I wasn’t sure what I was going to post about today, but I needed to come up with something since I’ve been really sporadic recently with the blogging and need get back to a schedule. So I decided that I would share some random facts about me because that’s always fun.

  1. I’m on break right now which means my motivation has been sucked in the vacuum of laziness. I’m basically only motivated to lay on the couch and stare at the ceiling.
  2. I’ve been known to listen to a little Adele.
  3. I’ve never liked the Jane Austen books. If you’re going to force me to watch one of the movies, I’d pick Persuasion.
  4. I slept under the same horse themed blanket for almost twelve years. I had to get a new horse themed blanket two years ago since the old one was falling apart.
  5. I hardly ever go back and watch TV shows over again. I’ve tried, but I get bored. But I have a handful of episodes that I’ll watch again.
  6. The exception to the fact above is Firefly. Except I usually skip the Reaver episode.
  7. I much prefer the summer over the winter. I really dislike being cold.
  8. I have a playlist that’s mostly instrumental soundtrack with 266 songs on it. I pretty much listen to it non-stop for studying and writing. And life in general.
  9. I really dislike heights. My feet get really weird about standing near the edge of things that are high up. They tingle and my toes curl. Like I get this way standing on a second floor balcony. It’s ridiculous.
  10. My favorite clothing combo is a long sleeve t-shirt and gym shorts. I would dress like that every day if I could.
  11. Sometimes my stories are as bad as a CW show. “Oh somebody from my past died and it was really tragic”. But are they really dead? Like are you 100% sure that person actually died? Seriously, someday I will write a story about someone who dies/disappears and is actually dead.

So there you go. Some really random things about me.

What’s a random fact about you? Tell me in the comments!

25 thoughts on “Here’s Something Random

  1. Random fact? Seriously?………..Hmmmmmm……….I’m camping in the woods with the FNE Explorers this weekend. Real woods, guys! The kind you can easily get lost in. Scary?….Fun?……Exciting?………..

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  2. Its cold outside “winter Is here” I say….. I sigh and a fine white plume of condensation escapes out……. yeah I dont like being cold I wish it was summer.

    I have a healthy respect for heights….. I never admit to actual fear of heights because everyone knows men are fearless….. I am not afraid of heights I am afraid of falling to my death and dying…… just like I am not afraid of water but I am afraid of drowning….. I am not afraid of bees at all but I fatally allergic of being bee stings, its like peanut butter allergy but from bee stings, once woke up in a hospital after being stung….. but snakes … shivers….. snakes give me the heebie jeebies i think its because they have no toes……


    PS you are totally insane… but in a good way.

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