Remember Why You Write


Today Ms. Hope Pennington will be taking over with a guest post! She’s an enthusiast of all things fantasy and sci-fi, shares many fandoms with yours truly, and is working on publishing an awesome sounding book. You should check it out. And now I’ll let her take it away! 🙂 

Being the middle of editing Fairytale the novel right now has left me feeling creatively dry.

Sometimes it’s easy to get SO caught up in so many things:

– Target Audience (who’s reading your story) – Writing Style – Plot

And it’s easy to get obsessed with this question: Will anyone like this?

But if we’re stuck on that question. Trying to please people we’re loosing the whole reason that writing is beautiful.

If we get hung up being worried that people won’t understand it or won’t think it’s funny or won’t get it, won’t this won’t that….we can wind up loosing everything we ever cared about in the story to begin with.

Don’t. Don’t. Get stuck trying to please people, so much that you forget why you write or draw or do what you love.

Take out a sheet of paper and write out why you love to write.

I write because it celebrates love.

I write because it helps me sympathize.

I write because stories are a full thrilling and beautiful way to share feelings thoughts and ideas.

I write to show a version of the world the way it could be if we all believe.

I write to honor God and all the wonder he’s created around us for us to explore, adore and inhale.

I write to feel, to be felt, to know, to be known, to think, to aspire, to desire, to want, to free my soul and inspire myself to a higher way of life. A higher way of friendship, joy, love and fun.

I write because I love it and if that ever ceases to be the case may I stop writing until I remember it again.

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So why do you write?

13 thoughts on “Remember Why You Write

  1. Great points. It’s something I keep reminding myself of. There is always someone who won’t like what I write. And there will be people who do like it. But if I try to focus on pleasing everyone, I’ll just stress myself out and won’t end up succeeding in the end anyway.

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  2. I try to keep a balance inbetween writing for me and for others, but it isn’t always easy. I admit I’ve fallen into the trap of wondering if people will like my stories. More pressure because I’d like to be a full-time author, which means selling books. 🙂

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    • It’s a common trap to fall into. I still think that even after people have read my stuff and told me they liked it. lol!
      Taking on writing full time would add on that pressure, for sure!


  3. I saw something on Tumblr the other day that I loved: everything you write is a collaboration with God. I think that is just awesome and certainly a good reminder of one reason why I personally write.

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