Go With All Your Heart

Howdy! This is my Realm Makers recap post/amazing things I learned at the conference. I don't have pictures to share because, honestly, photography really isn't my thing. I think it's part of the writer brain that makes me want to just soak everything in visually and mentally and not try and snap pictures. So sorry … Continue reading Go With All Your Heart

Write What You Know

Howdy! The other day I read a blog post about writing misconceptions. One of the top ones was "write what you know". The author of the blog called out whoever originally said that, and I totally agreed. I mean if you're to take it literally, you should have had more ridiculous adventures than Indiana Jones. … Continue reading Write What You Know

Hunt For Star Flowers – #BlogBattle #AdelasCurse

Howdy! I'm using two characters from my upcoming book, Adela's Curse, for today's #BlogBattle hosted by Rachael Ritchey! Check out her blog for the rules and for all the other fantastic entries. If you liked this story, stick around this Thursday for the cover reveal for Adela's Curse! Genre: Fantasy Word: Lollipop “Lidia, are you … Continue reading Hunt For Star Flowers – #BlogBattle #AdelasCurse