Inspirations for Adela’s Curse &Release Day!


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Alyssa is giving a review today.

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And, guys! It’s RELEASE DAY!

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Ok! Today, I thought I’d talk a little bit about what inspired Adela’s Curse and some things that influenced the story itself.

I’ve talk about the actual inspiration in some upcoming interviews, but basically I woke up one morning and the image of a faery in a forest glade popped into my head. Was it Adela? No, actually. If you read the spotlight on Damian yesterday, you’ll find out it was him! So when I sat down to brainstorm and figure out who this faery was and what had brought him to the clearing, I eventually discovered Adela and her story.

Has this happened to any of you writers out there?

Next, here’s a few of the things that influenced Adela’s Curse!


Here’s my very battered copy of Ella Enchanted which I love dearly.

I still love this story, so it’s no wonder I have to credit it when writing a story about a girl who gets put under a spell and has to do everything that she is ordered. Don’t worry, Adela get’s a happy ending. Or does she? *evil laugh*



So, there’s a part in Adela’s Curse where I thought I was being so original and creative and then like three days later I realized “omg, that’s from Tangled”. But I think that’s pretty much the writer’s life, right?


Shakespeare helping with minor characters.

This one kind of inspired two minor characters. They bicker back and forth but really secretly like each other. I had just written a scene between the two of them and realized they are really similar to Beatrice and Benedick. Which isn’t a bad thing, since Much Ado is hilarious and I happen to really like my characters. πŸ™‚

I’m sure there’s more things that influenced my subconscious while writing, but these are the biggies.

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