The Phoenix’s Death

I’ve mention The Scriptorium here once or twice, but we’re now back up and running with a new website and a new round of Flash Fiction centered around the word Phoenix! Check out my entry and the corresponding post about what inspired the story!
Also check out the other cool entries by my fellow Scriptoriumites! 🙂

The Scriptorium Anthologies

By Claire Banschbach

The griffin hovered in the air, turning lazily on the currents as its rider peered down at the advancing infantry. Only a few miles away from the citadel now. He tugged on the reins and the griffin wheeled around, racing above the road that twisted through the mountains to the last free city of the Elvarin.

The griffin alighted on the wide turret, and he slid from the saddle, sending it back to roost with a quick signal. He didn’t bother untacking the animal. They’d be seeing battle before the day was done. He made his report to the grim faced officers.

“Have you seen anything else?” one asked. They didn’t mean with his mortal eyes. He shook his head. The spirit that resided inside had not shown him any glimpses of the future yet. He hadn’t had a vision for days, something that worried them all…

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