Writing Update: Barons and Airships


I thought it would be fun to give an update on my writing today, since I don’t think I have in a while. And I’ve actually been doing a fair amount of writing recently which has been awesome.

I’ve been working on two different projects currently titled The Mountain Baron and Worldjumpers. I haven’t decided if these are official titles yet. My titling skills have been horrendous lately. You can find out more about these books on the WIPs page.

The Mountain Baron

Currently sitting at about 41K out of a projected 80K. I’ve probably put in a good 10K in the last month (doubly amazing since I’ve hardly worked on this story in over a year…) Also, I’m kind of questioning a big plot point that I basically based the story around, but the last bit I wrote I’m still driving towards that juicy plot point, so everything might work out and I’m freaking out for nothing. It’s great, I promise. Um, lets see – recently characters have been getting mad at each other, villains have had surprising visits with their consciences, and the creepy and nefarious group of druids behind the scenes are still creepy and nefarious.

Here’s some snippets.

“I had heard of your Seers long before I ever came to this country,” Alisher cut right to the point.

“If you want something predicted, ask me how I’ll kill you,” Rhys snarled.

“I’ve always tried to look back and see what happened then. But I can’t.”
“I’m glad. I don’t want you see that.”

“I think he will want something from us,” he stated.
“Why do you say that?” Alan asked.
“A man does not simply invite those with the reputation of the Dragon Keep into his house,” Jes said.
“He’ll keep his word. He’s a fair man, but I remember he did always like his pawns,”

“For family?” Lord Adam mocked. “You don’t have a family anymore.”
Rhys’ jaw tensed in anger. Hearing Adam say it was even more insulting.
“I might have been cast out, but there are some ties that can’t be forgotten,” he said.

“Nice throw.”
“Thanks,” Sean replied.
“This isn’t the part where you tell me you were aiming for his head, is it?”
“No, I meant to put it there.”


This one is sitting right around 31K. I’d like to add a bunch more to it, but it’s currently being very evasive. But I think I have some decent ideas. Also, I thought it would be a great idea to make the main character a 16 year old boy. So now I’m going into high observation mode and watching any teens that happen to cross my path. I swear I’m not weird and creepy. We’re going to move quickly along from this topic and on to some snippets.

“I am Zoey Blackheart, captain of the Saltador, free trader, wanted criminal in three worlds, and champion of the Ankhali. And I need help,” the woman spoke. David’s grandfather pushed his hat up and rubbed his forehead.
“Well,” he said slowly. “That’s something you don’t hear every day.”

“How did it go, Cap’n?” Áine asked.
“Four. Not my most successful negotiation, but I got a fair enough deal.” Blackheart smiled.
“Four what?” David asked.
“Bullets,” she replied.

 David’s knowledge of tactics extended to video games and movies. So, not much.
“How do you know all this stuff?” he asked.
“I attended a military academy back home. Mercenaries were a first year subject,” she smirked a little.

“Gun deck, David,” Leyna patiently repeated. David got to his feet and replaced the stool. Enda crouched on all fours and waited until David started walking to dart in and out between his legs.
“Don’t be late! Don’t be late!”
“Enda! I will throw you overboard!” David growled as he tripped for the umpteenth time.

“Oh, I figure I knew too much about a guy, a bomb, and a giant golden moose,” he sighed and David though he might even be serious about the last part.

 So there you go! They’re kind of completely different from each other. The Mountain Baron is my more NA fantasy, and Worldjumpers is definitely a YA of the sci-fi/fantasy variety. Next time I should try and dig up some pictures to go along, but that involves time and patience and most days I’m not even sure how to define those words. 😛

Are you interested in hearing more about one or the other? Would you like to see more updates about writing stuff from me? I’m trying to plan out some new posts for the blog and would love some input on what you would like to see!

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