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Today I’m helping Sarah Holman promote book 3 in her Tales of Taelis series! I’ve read the first two books and really enjoyed them, so if you love Christian fantasy/fiction, then definitely check them out!

About the Book!

ccfrontcoverCatherine is going with her mother and younger siblings to the mountains to hide from the coming war. While she fears what might happen she is looking forward to some time away from her twin brother, with whom she often fights. One foolish act changes all their plans, and one story caused not only confusion, but more fighting.

Christopher does not believe his father’s story that they are descended from royalty. He is sure the story his father tells cannot be true. However, he is forced to go to the mountain castle of Coraway along with his mother and siblings. Will his father ever see him as a man? Will he and his twin ever be able to stop fighting?

Little do Catherine and Christopher realize that they hold the key to Taelis’ future in their hands. While they discover the truth before it is too late?

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“This ring symbolizes what we once were, and what we are to become,” Sir Johnathan said softly, cradling the ring in his hands. “It was passed down from my great-grandfather to my grandfather, to my father, and then to me. I planned to wait until you had gained the character qualities that you will need to properly understand its value. However, I hope passing the ring to you will give you a reason to apply yourself toward maturity.”

He held the ring and chain out to Christopher. Slowly, Christopher stretched out his hands, cupping them together to receive the ring. His father dropped it into his waiting hands, the chain made a pleasant clink as it fell into a pile.

“What is it?” Christopher asked, fingering the ring.

“It once belonged to a king of long ago – King Kent, who ruled over Delmore for many years before the Lord of Sittell overthrew him and became king.”

Christopher looked up at his father. “How did you get it?”

His father motioned for him to sit. “You know that my great-grandfather was a peasant that was given a title for his heroic deeds.”

Christopher tried hard not to show his annoyance. He was not interested in the story he had heard many times. He just wanted to find a way for his father to let him take part in the upcoming battle.

“Before he became a hero, a woman gave him that ring. She told him that he was not really a peasant but a prince.”

Christopher swallowed. Did his father really think he would believe this kind of story? Was he making this up to teach him a lesson? Nay, his father looked serious.

“Somehow, he had been secreted away from the castle as a young child. She searched and searched until she found my great-grandfather. The moment she saw him, there was no doubt in her mind that he was the prince. She gave him the ring and told him that with it, he would be able to prove his right to the throne.”

“Why did he not make his claim?” He had other questions he wanted to ask, but they would show how ridiculous he thought the story was.

Sir Johnathan stood. “My great-grandfather was a wise man. The kingdom was enjoying a time of peace. The belief that we should not disturb that peace has been passed down from my great-grandfather. Now, the peace we have enjoyed for many years is threatened. Our king is dying and has no children to take his place. All over the kingdom, nobility are preparing for war and choosing whom they will support as the next king. The time may be soon to tell them that the long lost prince lives.”

Christopher heard the passion and excitement in his father’s voice and nodded, but said nothing. It was hard not to tell his father what he really thought: that this sounded crazy.

“With that ring also come words to remember. They are words that the old nurse told my great-grandfather, who taught them to my grandfather, who taught them to my father, who taught them to me: Never forget you have royal blood in your veins. Always remember that the crown is within your reach. When the time is right, you will know, and you will lead the people of Taelis to a brighter future.”

About the Author!

Sarah Holman is a not so typical mid-twenties girl: A homeschool graduate, sister to six awesome siblings, and author of many published books and short stories. If there is anything adventuresome about her life, it is because she serves a God with a destiny bigger than anything she could have imagined.

You can find her at her website:

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