10 Things I Love About Having A Booth At Comic Cons

Technically, it wasn’t a comic con. It was Dallas Fan Expo in…you guessed it. Dallas.

It has been over a year since I’ve done any sort of convention/signing thing and I was super excited to get back into it last weekend. It was a new convention for me, so I was also excited to see how it went. I had a lot of fun, and sales wise, definitely counted it as a success. Plus the artist in the booth next to me was a blast to hang out with all weekend, and he gave me a free Toothless print on Sunday once he discovered my obsession. lol!

So in celebration of last weekend, I decided to compile a list of reasons I enjoy doing conventions. Most of which have to do with things that happened over the weekend.

  1. The cosplay. There were some epic cosplayers this weekend. Lots of Wonder Women and Steves <3, some epic Moana and Maui’s, and lots of Disney characters actually.
  2. Talking with young aspiring writers who stop at your table who look at you like you’re a minor god because you have a book with your name on it. I love turning the conversation back to them and asking them about what they write. Also, bonus when they buy the book and you get to write encouragement in the dedication.
  3. Smol children who look at the cover and tell you your book reminds them of *insert title of middle grade novel that has absolutely nothing in common with your book, but sure, okay, kid* This slays me every time.
  4. Guys who buy books for their nieces/nephews who are readers. (This happened multiple times this weekend and I died every time. :P)
  5. Young kids who read the back of your book and go “that sounds really cool” and then turn big eyes up to their parent, then back at the book, then at the parent, then back at the book, until the parent asks them if they want the book. To which they give a shy nod.
  6. People who go around and stop at all authors’ tables, because books.
  7. Getting book recs from readers who also love fantasy and sci-fi and just chatting about Brandon Sanderson in general.
  8. Just sitting back and feeling the vibe of thousands of people crammed in one place with epic costumes and geeking out together. Also eavesdropping on passing geeky conversations.
  9. Wandering around to look at all the epic booths (and stopping at all the authors’ tables), and trying to decide what to spend money on. (It happened to be another Toothless print. lol! And a custom clay sculpture for my table. :O)
  10. Sitting back after a sale, or even just a conversation, and feeling some pride about how far you’ve come with pitching your books to perfect strangers and being able to own up to being an author without freaking out. It’s a great feeling. πŸ˜‰

So there you go. Just some reasons I enjoy going to conventions. Despite my introvert ways, I actually do enjoy events like this. I won’t tell you how horrific I was at my first one a few years ago. (Like could barely make eye-contact and was thankfully rescued by my sister and best friend who can talk to anyone.) This past weekend was a nice reminder of my passion for my current books, and getting me thinking about ways to market in the future. Also looking up more conventions to go to.

There’s one in August I might go to. I might even have a new book out by then… πŸ˜‰ And bonus, I’ve already started promoting it.

Ever been to a comic convention (as a vendor or attendee?) Tell me your favorite stories!

21 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About Having A Booth At Comic Cons

  1. That’s awesome Claire! I haven’t been to any conventions yet, but probably will in the near future, but I am pretty nervous about the thought. Way to be brave. Your courage gives me courage!

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  2. Aaah, I love this post! It made me feel like I was there. So much hilarious or adorbz! XD (TOOTHLESS!!) So glad it was a success! I haven’t been to anything like this but it sounds like a blast. (New book by August, whoo!!) This also makes me really really look forward to Realm Makers, despite my own introvert ways. πŸ˜› Thanks so much for sharing! ❀

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    • Ahh! Yes Toothless!!
      And Realm Makers is so much fun, cause it’s the same positive vibe and energy from people who do and like the same things you do! I’m so excited to go back this yearrrr!

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  3. I’m glad you had a good weekend! I have never done a con but I’m thinking maybe next year I will try one out. Next month my brothers and I are going to Megacon Orlando just for fun (and yes, with cosplay πŸ˜‰ and I thought next year I might try a booth there. I definitely always enjoy talking to vendors at cons and have always wanted to do one.

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    • Nice! You definitely should! And funnily enough, the same people who put this convention on are doing Megacon Orlando! It was a good/smooth experience working with them, so I’d recommend it.

      Have fun!! What are you going to cosplay??


      • Lol, I thought they did Dallas Expo too That’s cool! And good to know they’re nice to deal with because I tell you what, just going to BookCon in NY that one year, that thing was badly run for participants 0_o

        I’m going to be complying Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher’s series, then one of my brothers is going to be a Jedi, and the other is going as Aragorn πŸ™‚ I’m going to be posting some pics of the making process on line soon πŸ™‚

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  4. Sounds like this was a lot of fun! Realm Makers was my first and so far only convention, but I enjoyed it so much that I’d love to try others. There aren’t a lot of options for that sort of thing in my area (Southern Idaho suffers from an unpardonable dearth of geeks, which is a shame but would also be a great name for a band), but I’m keeping my eye open for others that might provide good promotional opportunities.

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    • You should definitely try some other conventions! They’re a blast! πŸ™‚

      Lol! I got lucky enough that west Texas started fixing its dearth of geeky things and started up several comic cons in the last year which is where I started selling at conventions. I’ve only really seriously traveled for one. The rest have all been more local to me. Or where I have free lodging. lol!

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      • That’s cool! Hopefully Idaho will do that someday. XD I want to start looking into conventions besides those devoted solely to writers, so that maybe I can promote my stuff outside the writing-focused community. Not sure exactly how I’d tackle that, but I’m sure there’s a way.

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