Do You Wanna Read My Novel?


Yesterday I finally put the finishing touches on a new draft of a project that I’ve been working off and on forever and have teased numerous times on this blog…

Worldjumpers is now finished-ish! That is to say the newest version of the most recent draft is finished. lol!

I took this story from ~30K to 51K, which is fairly significant as it’s now classified as a novel. *oooooh*

All that being said – I have emailed my team of beta readers. BUT I decided to do one more post here to see if anyone else wanted to jump in for this story? (If you want to stay on my list, tell me on the form and you’ll get emailed directly for all upcoming beta reading opportunities.)

Title: Worldjumpers (subtitle undetermined)
Age group: YA
Genre: Urban sci-fi
Length: 51K
Timeline to read: Ideally I’d like feedback in by June 15 (about 1.5 months) to give me enough time to implement feedback and changes before sending it to the editor in August.
Pinterest Board: Worldjumpers

Blurb: 16 year old David Standish thinks he’s in for a normal west Texas summer until Captain Zoey Blackheart crashlands her airship in his backyard…
One repair job later, David is signed on as a crewmember on the Saltador, a ship that can travel between planets through portals accessed by long forgotten technology. But Captain Blackheart’s past is racing closer with every job they complete and she, David, and her crew must stay one step ahead of her enemies. David is in for the ride of his life, making new friends and enemies and uncovering a plot that could destroy an entire planet!

(Also – yes, this is going to the editor in August. Yes, I have more ideas for this particular alt universe. Yes, I’m seriously considering publishing next year depending on feedback and editor comments. :O)

Sign up closed. 

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5 thoughts on “Do You Wanna Read My Novel?

  1. I loved the blurb and was five seconds away from signing up to beta, but then I remembered the five hundred other things I need to get done in May, and so I decided to do the responsible decision and not add one more thing to my ever-growing to-do list.

    BUT that being said, this book looks EPIC and I can’t wait to hear more about it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • lol! Being responsible is such a pain sometimes. 😉

      Well, thanks! I’m glad the blurb is intriguing since blurbs are the bane of my existence. Haha! Depending on feedback and edits and such, it might be getting published next year, but that’s all kind of up in the air right now. 🙂


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