Things Bookworms Love (And Haha! Me Making Excuses For Disappearing…Again)

With giant to-do lists and great intentions, comes great procrastination.

Have I really had a giant to-do list? Not really. But I have had really great intentions about blogging regularly, and well, we all know how that one’s turned out.

Are we wanting excuses? Yes.

I have been editing. And writing a new story about seadragons, brothers, stormy beaches, and curses. Fight me.

But I’ve also been reading Harry Potter for the first time. I knooow! Better late than never, right? Also, I’ve just been reading a ton in general recently. I discovered I’m about 4.3674 minutes from the library. *evil laugh*

Stalk my goodreads if you want to know what I’ve been reading. Or just ask in the comments. I’m not picky.

So now the real reason for the post! Since I’ve returned to my bookworm habits of staying up late, reading at the breakfast/dinner table, and generally ignoring life, I decided to post about it.

Things Bookworms Love

Staggering out the library with a giant pile of new-to-them books. And the struggle of trying to decide what to read next. (This also obviously applies to completely necessary and justifiable book buying sprees.)

Getting to the middle of an 800+ page book and clutching handfuls of pages in each hand, knowing you’ve uncovered so much, but there’s still so much epicness to come.

Finding out that the book you assumed was a standalone is in fact the start of a series and the next book won’t be out for a solid 5 months and you are forced to just stare at the ceiling and try to figure out how you’ll survive. (Ok, not really something we love, but means we’ll be forced to re-read book one by the time the next comes out, so oh, well!) (Also cries because Strange the Dreamer just did this to me.)

Being secretly a genius and waiting to read a series until ALL the books are out and then keeping the stack on your shelf and reading at your fast-paced leisure.

Fantasizing about being given gift cards for special occasions that can be used to buy books.

Literally becoming the heart-eye emoji when someone talks to you about your favorite series that they also happen to love.

Recommending amazing books to people.

Spending a week or five in a book or series hangover. (y’all, I’m still not sure I’ve recovered from reading The Ascendance Trilogy last month).

Seeing all the shiny covers!

Carefully hoarding pennies to buy all the books.

Finishing a meal without a smattering of it staining the pages of your book.

Lending books to a friend with only slightly elevated heart rate and panic you’ll never see it again.

The satisfaction that you’ve discovered a new world that you’d be perfectly happy to go live in.

Discovering new fictional crushes. (Actually can you just have a crush on a book? Helloo Scorpio Races and all things Sean Kendrick.)

Finding new quotes to keep you going through the craziness of life.

Talk to me, Bookworms! How’s your reading been this year? Read anything completely epic recently? Commiserate with me about not knowing I’d accidentally started a series…twice! (seriously, I just need to pay more attention to the important things).

9 thoughts on “Things Bookworms Love (And Haha! Me Making Excuses For Disappearing…Again)

  1. I just started the Out of Time trilogy…and I can’t wait to finish it up! Also read White Wolf and the Ash Princess which was…not what I was expecting, but amazing nonetheless! (For some reason I thought it was a fantasy novel?? But I guess that’s what happens when I buy the ebook only to have it sit for a few months before reading…) Once I realized what genre/time period/world it was in, I settled down and really just fell in love with it. 🙂

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    • Hehe! I did the same with White Wolf and the Ash Princess. I totally thought it was going to be a fantasy book, and it ended up not?? But kind of? And I still struggled figuring out time period and setting throughout. lol! But it ended up being a really sweet story, so I’m not going to complain too much. 😉


  2. Oh my, yes to all of these! 😀 I have bought books this month for the first time in ages – I had a whole shelf of books to read, and I got really determined to finish them. One of them was Harry Potter, which I was reading for the first time, 😀 So glad I’m not the only one!

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