A Different Kind of Vampire!


Long time, no post. But here I am coming out of the writing/editing shadows to share another fabulous book! Longtime blogging and writing friend, E.E. Rawls is releasing her first book!!!!

AHHHHH!! I’m so excited for her! I got to beta read this a long time ago and am so excited that it’s finally out! And it has a KILLER cover!

Before I get to my review and the giveaway announcements, here’s a bit about the book!

Elemental Manipulation is a tricky business. Only those with the power can train to become a Draev Guardian.

Cyrus Sole hates life. She’s only half-human, with weak wrists, and not a day goes by when someone doesn’t say something mean about it—especially her step-mom. But when the forbidden power to manipulate metal awakens inside her, she finds herself on the run as the Argos Corps is sent to kill her…

Aken is a Scourgeblood, the last in a line of monsters. But all he really wants is to gain wings and be free. Until a new power suddenly awakens, changing the course of his life…

The Draev Guardian Academy is their only sanctuary. But training to become a Draev won’t be easy. Cyrus has to hide her human side, as she gets placed in Floor Harlow with the outcast students, and nightmares of her deceased mother keep returning.

With creepy Corpsed on the prowl, and whispers of Cyrus possibly being a reborn Hero, both she and Aken find themselves caught up in a web of secrets, racial tension, and an old legend with enemies that could spell their untimely demise…

—This book is a good fit for those who’ve enjoyed the Percy Jackson series, Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy world-building, and the fun of J.K. Rowling.


STORM & CHOICE: Free prequel to Strayborn: – https://mailchi.mp/22a2f2dce8c0/eerawls

Cyrus Sole, a girl who can manipulate metal, and Aken-Shou the last Scourgeblood, must learn to survive in a world that is determined to either destroy them, or use them…

This ebook is available FREE at Rawls’s newsletter: eerawls.com


4 stars!

As I’d said, I beta read this for EE Rawls quite some time ago, and remembered really enjoying it then. Some bits were familiar enough, Aken’s hot-headedness, Cyrus’s determination, the misfit band of students she falls in with at the Draev Academy (basically a magic school for vempires), the mentor with secrets…

The other part I remembered was the fresh worldbuilding. In this world, a second earth type planet with magic (but separate from ours), we have humans, vempires, faeryn, dragons, etc. All twists on the familiar urban legends of our earth. Cyrus is half human and half vempire with strange and unique abilities that make her outcast among both races until she decides to disguise herself as a boy vempire…

It’s a fun, fast-paced story, with plenty of humor and some touching moments between characters. Aken and Cyrus both struggle with acceptance – a familiar battle for many. And they find it in each other. Legends and myths about and plenty of hints are dropped that promise they are more than they know. Excited to see where the next books in the series take us. Lots of tantalizing threads left at the end!

Fun, clean read that I’d recommend for early teens and up! Especially those wanting something fresh and unique with worldbuilding and something different from the standard teen vampire storylines! Loved it and looking forward to the next book!


Prizes are:

First place: One hardback copy of Strayborn, and one Percy Jackson soy/vegan homemade candle by A Court Of Candles.

Second and Third place: One ebook copy of Strayborn.

Enter Here!!

Ends on Monday, October 21.

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