Winter Might Still Be Coming (A Book That Is…)


Sorry that it’s been a minute. I’ll be completely honest. I let myself get behind on writing these updates. Which is weird, because I generally like reading them from other awesome authors. So here I am, announcing that I will officially be bumping these down to every other month, mostly to continue to give me more time to focus on writing and editing which has been my life nonstop since last August (but lots of good things in the pipeline for this year!!). 

Sooo updates!

I think I might have announced that my publisher Crosshair Press has merged with another amazing small indie press Uncommon Universes Press! This means that the team behind the Dragon Keep Chronicles is bigger and better than ever! AND!!

Book 2, Blood of the Seer, is officially coming in October, 2020!! Guys, I’m so excited to finally have a date to share with y’all and to be closer to sharing this book with the world! 

Also, an amazing announcement, that UUP is doing 2 book boxes this year AND one box is Scottish Fantasy themed which means that ya girl’s books are going to be featured! I don’t have dates or many details on this, but stay tuned with UUP on social media or their newsletter, and always on here, and I’ll let you know as soon as I know something! (PS I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS!!) 

More news! I’m honing in on the last bits for Winter Spell, The Faeries of Myrnius Book 3 – book synopsis, and cover, and formatting! Formatting is done and proofed. Cover design is almost done. And I have started to plan cover reveals and book releases!!


(Is it a secret if I just yelled it? *shrugs*)

Aaand, I know that I just announced that I’d be sending this out bi-monthly, buuuut you’ll probably be getting a few more in the next month or so to keep you updated with all sorts of book release things! Guys, I’m very excited to finally be sharing this story with the world! 

It has a very special place in my heart and I can’t wait for y’all to meet Tonya and Diane! ❤ 

Until next time!

Stay courageous, friends!


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