Blood of the Seer Cover Reveal!

Hey there!

It’s been a minute since I last posted an update! Last time was some exciting news about the acquisition of my modern fantasy western by my publisher Uncommon Universes Press. And while you have to wait until 2022 for the start of that duology, I’m super excited to finally have some news on The Dragon Keep Chronicles, my Scottish Fantasy series from UUP – INCLUDING A COVER!! 

Ahh!! So excited! 

In one of my last emails, I had to give the news that publication had been pushed back, but no more.  Here we are! 

A blood curse.
A shadow world.
An indomitable evil.
A forgotten bond.

Banished for a crime he didn’t commit, Rhys MacDuffy risked his life to rescue the little brother he no longer could claim as his own. Sean, the Seer of Clan MacDuffy, returns from his ordeal to war between the Clans and Lord Adam Barkley. Moreover, the Clan Lords refuse to lift the exile on Rhys. No outcast has ever been forgiven.

But the druids who held Sean captive have taken the key to controlling his powers—his blood. Rhys determines to keep his brother safe no matter the cost. Heedless of the war, he leads his rowdy band of Mountain Brigands on a hunt to destroy the druids before they destroy Sean with their dark magic.

The druids force Sean into a shadow world full of demons and danger, where their menacing god Deronis can consume him. Yet Rhys is able to follow Sean into the other world. There they discover an older magic that might be the key to stopping the druids.

The bond of brotherhood between Rhys and Sean runs deep. But is it strong enough to stand against the druid’s blood god?

COMING 2/9/2021

Pre-order Autographed paperback

Pre-order Kindle on Amazon 

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I am offering pre-order swag this time around as well! As above, you get cards of the amazing character art I had commissioned of Rhys/The Baron and Sean MacDuffy. I’m still so in love with the artwork (Rhys may or may not be my lock screen…) 

And the short story is a fun prequel set in Rhys’s teenage years and just on the cusp of the Sea Wars. It is, as of now, exclusive to this pre-order campaign, so this will be your only chance to snag it. It does contain a few easter eggs (or maybe the other way around) for Blood of the Seer! 😉


I am so excited to finally be sharing this story with the world. It has a very special place in my heart and carries so many pieces of me tucked away inside the pages. The entire series was born out of a place of hurting and healing for me and I can see that on so many pages of the story, and I hope that you readers will as well. 

I hope that you all have a wonderful and blessed holiday season and praying for blessings in the New Year for everyone. I don’t need to remind you about this year, but it has been one of growth and one of blessings, even if you have to squint to see it sometimes. This book is a huge blessing for me this year, and I cannot wait until it can be out in your hands. 

Don’t forget to submit your pre-order receipts to receive your swag, and remember that if you don’t pre-order but still want swag, the form will be live for a week after release date in February to still be able to submit and claim swag. 

I’m sure the next update you will get from me on here will be me screaming about the release day! 😉 

Following me on Instagram (@cmbanschbach) or Facebook (C.M. Banschbach) is a sure way to keep more updates with real time shenanigans! 😀

Until then, stay healthy and stay courageous! 

14 thoughts on “Blood of the Seer Cover Reveal!

  1. Oh my gosh!!! I can’t wait! And cover looks AWESOME! Plot twist will keep on the edge of my seat I am sure!
    Quick question: I want the swag but also a hardcover version of the book, is that possible? Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! It’s a very action packed story, and I cannot wait for y’all to have it!

      And excellent question! I am not sure right now if there will be a hardback. Since we have one for book 1, I’d say there’s a good chance Seer will get it as well! Keep an eye out, and I can always send some swag your way if you wanted to wait!


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