A Storming Cover Reveal!

Howdy! Today I'm super excited to help with the cover reveal for good author friend Sarah Addison-Fox's new series! I've had the privilege of beta reading the first two in the series, and they are pretty awesome, so you should definitely check them out! Take a moment to appreciate how punny my title is, since … Continue reading A Storming Cover Reveal!


Look At My Shiny New Cover! (+ A Giveaway!)

Howdy! So today I'm super excited to channel my inner hobbit and give you the gift of a cover reveal for my birthday! I'm not turning eleventy-one, although some days I alternate between feeling like I'm actually that old, or being a little teenage hobbit. ANYWAY I'M JUST EXCITED THAT I HAVE A NEW BOOK … Continue reading Look At My Shiny New Cover! (+ A Giveaway!)