Oath of the Outcast Blog Tour – Meet the Characters!

Howdy! Welcome to day 3 of the blog tour! Make sure you check out this review and spotlight from the fabulous Breny over at Better than Rubies! To celebrate Oath of the Outcast officially being 1 day old, here's a post breaking down the main characters in the book, along with quotes!! I've been asked … Continue reading Oath of the Outcast Blog Tour – Meet the Characters!

Heart In The Darkness – #BlogBattle

Howdy! Ahhh! I'm finally doing BlogBattles again! To be fair, they only just started back up again, courtesy of the totally fabulous Rachael Ritchey, and now only held once a month! I've been dying to try out flash fiction again, and got the idea for this one the other day while I was playing my … Continue reading Heart In The Darkness – #BlogBattle

Hunt For Star Flowers – #BlogBattle #AdelasCurse

Howdy! I'm using two characters from my upcoming book, Adela's Curse, for today's #BlogBattle hosted by Rachael Ritchey! Check out her blog for the rules and for all the other fantastic entries. If you liked this story, stick around this Thursday for the cover reveal for Adela's Curse! Genre: Fantasy Word: Lollipop “Lidia, are you … Continue reading Hunt For Star Flowers – #BlogBattle #AdelasCurse