Blood of the Seer as Gifs

Hello! It's the one week birthday of Blood of the Seer! So I thought I'd celebrate by giving you a very thorough synopsis of the book. As Gifs. Most specifically, Supernatural gifs, because as I've posted before Rhys/the Baron and Sean MacDuffy have some similarities (completely unintentional I promise!!) to Dean and Sam Winchester, and … Continue reading Blood of the Seer as Gifs

Seadragonish Excerpts And Things

Howdy! So in honor of The Mountain Baron going back to the publisher yesterday for edits to begin (excuse me while I become permanently stressed until next summer...), here's a look at something not even related! 🙂 I've been wanting to share about my current WIP which I teased a little while ago - The … Continue reading Seadragonish Excerpts And Things

Achievement Unlocked: Forever Long Novel Completed

In which I relate 100% to Frodo after destroying the ring. I FINISHED WRITING THE MOUNTAIN BARON!! It took me just over four years. 2-3 different plot arcs were cut. At least 1 character didn't make it into the final version. And the grand total word count is 135,592. This is the longest thing … Continue reading Achievement Unlocked: Forever Long Novel Completed