Interview with Claire Banschbach, News #Blogbattle Winner

I won last week’s #BlogBattle (!!!!) and had the chance to be interviewed by the creator of the battles herself! So exciting!!

Rachael Ritchey

Claire BanschbachIt’s that time again! And author friend, Claire Banschbach is the News #BlogBattle Winner! We’ve not had the chance to grill her for informationinterrogatequestion interview her, so I’ve asked her by for a tidy little visit. She thought she might be up for it.

What do you think, Claire? Can you take the heat?

I’d love to attempt to answer some questions thrown my way.

Fantastic! I knew you’d be up for the challenge. Let’s start with something simple. 😀

1) Kinesiology is the study of human movement and you’ve got a degree in such an awesome thing! Now you’re looking to get a doctorate in PT. Love it. Knowing this about you and also your love of writing, I wonder: does having a degree in kinesiology aid you in your writing? Do you have a deeper understanding of human movement, limits, and fluidity? What advice do you…

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3 thoughts on “Interview with Claire Banschbach, News #Blogbattle Winner

  1. Does the Fictional Character Rehab Clinic have a small library? If so, I’ll be the librarian! 😀 Characters might enjoying reading a good book while they’re healing up, y’know. 😉 Maybe call it Soul Therapy.

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