The Innocent – Character Interview!

Howdy! Today marks the first of several blog tours that will be stopping by this area this month.

Featured today is The Innocent by Willowy Whisper! We were put into contact with each other through a mutual friend and because of her I get to do a “firsts” post. I am interviewing a character for the first time ever!!

I think it’s cool and I tried to come up with interesting questions which was a little difficult since I’ve never met the character (read the book). So, today I have the pleasure of hosting Abigail Roselind!

First a little about the book before we dive in.

The Innocent Final Cover (2)“I wonder who would shoot a girl so young…?” The question haunted him as he left the river and her grave behind.
Harvey West is given a month. One month to prove his innocence. As the evidence points him to the gallows, he fights to find the enemy of the beautiful Elsie Roselind. Someone wanted her gone.
Someone destroyed the evidence. Someone had to kill to keep her from coming back…
And that someone isn’t afraid to kill again—no matter what the cost.


Ok, here we go. *clears throat nervously*

Howdy, Abigail, and welcome to the blog! You are the first character I have interviewed here so I’m very excited to have you over today!

Thank you so very much! I am thrilled to be visiting your blog. I’ll try and answer your questions as honestly as I possibly can…

To start off, tell us one interesting fact about yourself!

I’m stubborn—so very stubborn that more often than not, I end up regretting my words. How many times have I prayed—no, begged—for strength to hold back my temper? My stubborness? Only something inside of me seems to boil, and my chin takes that distinct lift every single time someone angers me. Some, perhaps, would not call that interesting. If anything, they might call it common, mundane. But it isn’t. Not for me. For me, it’s the interesting sin that the Lord is still working on.

I completely understand! My temper likes to barge through some days, but most often I’m just impatient. How old are you?

When I first met Harvey I was sixteen, but my author is in the makings of growing me to the age of 20 in The Letter, book 2, of the Hills of Innocence Trilogy.

What is one quality you consider important in a friend?

Trust. Someone I can depend on, who will cherish me, hold me, love me through thick and thin. The Lord has sent me someone who I can trust. Harvey West, my husband.

Agreed! Trust is one of the highest qualities in a friend. Now, your author has told me a little about you and she says you have a hard time dealing with death. Care to give us a little insight on that?

Besides Harvey, I don’t really talk about it much. Actually, don’t even think about it, really. So many times I’ve pushed back the memories, the feelings—maybe because I’ve learned that numbness doesn’t hurt so much. I wanted to forget they were real. I wanted to forget their life—their death. I wanted to forget how much I loved them. Only Harvey told me that wasn’t right. And who would know better than him? He’s my husband. I trust him. I won’t say I’ve learned to deal with death, or even understand it. But I won’t forget them. No, I’ll never forget…

Harvey sounds like a wonderful person! Do you have a quality that you like about yourself?

The next question is a bit hard to answer. How can I say what I love about myself without…bragging? Harvey loves my hair. I remember the first time he told me that, before we were married, how it felt to have him slip out the ribbon. How he ran his fingers through its damp tresses, gently, lovingly. For that moment, that memory, I love my hair.

The small portion of me that’s a hopeless romantic just died a little. 😉 What is one significant event in your life so far?

This, perhaps, is the easiest to answer. My sister was killed. Harvey West was blamed—not only by the entire town, but mostly by me. When the evidence pointed to the man I almost married, his only choice was to eliminate us. By fire. Even now, just the slight of flames has a distinct effect on me. I remember it so vividly sometimes, the flames bursting and growing, Harvey knocked out cold. I’d never been so frightened, so alone, so helpless. It was a turning point in my life. We were delivered by the Lord—but stranded, wounded, and hungry. Harvey nearly died. I nearly couldn’t save him. I understood what it was like to fall in love with a man—and more than that, I understood how to trust in my Savior.

It’s chilling the way you describe it. I don’t anyone could go through something like that unchanged. Touching on your trust in God, is there a Bible verse that has special meaning to you?

“The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me?” I’d never noticed this verse until Harvey read it to me, somewhere in the stretch of our misery, out of an old Bible he found deserted in an empty cabin. When I heard the words, I tried to believe. Tried to calm my fears. Tried to trust. But then Jesus came through, and was true to His Word. Now I tuck the verse into my heart, to keep and to cherish and to remember. Forever.

That’s a wonderful verse and one to always keep in mind! That concludes our interview. I hope I haven’t asked anything that would be considered to spoilery. It was great having you over and getting to find out a little about you!

Again, I thank you. I have enjoyed answering the questions, and hope you equally enjoy reading them!

*ushers Abigail out with a last wave* Ok, I think that went well. Her answers certainly piqued my interest in the book. If you’re interested, follow the links below to find out more about the Hills of Innocence Trilogy!

Buy on Amazon!

Author’s Website


The Innocent 2


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