Children of Two Worlds – 2.2

Chapter 2, Part 2

Worked dragged the next day. Frank wanted her to take the day off but with impeding financial crisis, Cassie refused to go home. So instead, she was treated like she was made of glass. Even the jockeys were offering to help her out. Eventually Frank worked out how frustrated she was getting with everyone and gave her one of her favorite and rare assignments; exercise one of the racehorses.

She grabbed the exercise saddle and got a big bay gelding ready. Ghost of Cheyenne clopped after her as she made her way out to the dirt track. She pulled on gloves and a helmet and checked the girth before Frank gave her leg up into the saddle.

“Take it easy. José will run him tomorrow. He’s got a race in a little over two weeks.”

Cassie nodded and hooked her feet up into the stirrups. She sat in the saddle until Ghost was warm enough to start up an easy lope at which point she stood up in the stirrups, keeping an easy bend in her knees.

The wind teased the wisps of hair that had fallen from her ponytail. Her shoulders shivered as the air rushed around her. It was almost like flying. This was as close as she could get. She’d actually only flown a few times. Every time hadn’t ended well. She had finally admitted to herself that she was scared. Scared of her wings, flying, discovery; everything. But on the back of a horse she could almost convince herself that she wasn’t.

Ghost snorted and pulled at the bit. He wanted to run. She gave him a little more rein and they flew around the turn and into the last furlong at a controlled gallop. They took an extended cool down once she finished the workout.

That half-hour ended up being the highlight of the day. Once the last stalls were cleaned and horses fed, Cassie climbed on her motorcycle and pulled out of the barn. She had to make a stop at the grocery store before going home. They needed milk. Food was one area where she wouldn’t allow them to cut corners. She’d picked up a book Eating Healthy while Pinching Pennies, and they took turns faithfully cooking from it.

Once parked she pulled off her helmet but didn’t unzip her black jacket. Out in public, the thick leather was another layer of protection. She slung a backpack over her shoulders and headed into the supermarket. She had circled the fruit stands when an uncomfortable sensation pricked her shoulder blades. She used a tiered display of bananas as cover as she glanced behind her. A man with a faded ball cap stepped into the store and Cassie made eye contact with a pair of burning orange eyes.



Sorry this week is so short. I was going to give you a double dose since we missed last week but then I realized that we’re almost at the end of what I’ve written so far. I have a pretty busy next few weeks with finals and finishing up my summer semester and getting ready to go on clinical. But after that posts should start getting a lot longer! 🙂

Side note- is this post format easiest to read with story first, catch up banner, and then me talking your ear off at the bottom?

12 thoughts on “Children of Two Worlds – 2.2

  1. *falls of the edge of my seat* Ooooh, I love it!!!!!
    I think it would be best to put the catchup banner at the top so that those who are just finding it can catch up first. But that’s just my opinion. 😀

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  2. A short snippet, but a good one. Sometimes time just isn’t there, but good luck with your finals and everything. 🙂 I think that the catch up banner could do with being at the top, so that you know it’s there before you start reading.

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  3. I agree, banner at the top. 🙂 As for your “talking ears off”, I think it works either way, top or bottom.
    I like this bit about her using the horse as a way to feel like she’s flying, and too afraid to do the actual flying herself. She’s gonna have to learn one of these days, and overcome that fear. 😀 Ohhhhh, you just had to end it there, didn’t you? Cliffhanger………DX

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