Dreaming on the Open Ocean – #BlogBattle


It’s #BlogBattle day again! I missed last week because of finals and stress overload and I almost forgot about today. My clinical started yesterday and I got home really late after visiting my sister in the area. Enough gabbing. I know Frankie and Fyrn are supposed to be back today, but I’ll probably by changing some things up per Rachael Ritchey’s suggestions as leader of the #BlogBattles. Don’t worry, they won’t go away forever, they just might get moved to a different time slot. On to my entry for the word DREAM!

What do normal people dream of when they sleep? Friends, family? The future or the past? Perhaps something as innocent as dragonflies? What I wouldn’t give to dream of dragonflies. I would even love to dream of nothing. Instead I dream of fire, great scaled beasts, and the end of everything I’ve ever loved. Even rocking on this great ocean, surrounded by miles of water, I cannot escape dreams of fire. Sean believes that we were chosen, picked by a higher power to prevent the coming storm. But there was no prophecy, no chosen one, only we two that chose to stand against the coming doom…

“What are you writing?” Sean poked me in the side.

“Nothing!” I slam my notebook shut, hoping he didn’t see anything. If I hoped my negative response would get him to leave, I seriously underestimated him. He flopped onto the deck chair next to me and proceeded to bug the living daylights of me. The other cruise passengers lying out in the tropical sun glanced at us, some in annoyance, others in amusement.

I finally gave up and stalked away to our cabin, not failing to notice my brother, the amateur, trying to stalk me in the hallways. I took a quick left turn into the ginormous dining room with the ever full all-you-can-eat buffet. We both loaded up and took a window seat. Sean proceeded to eat like a heathen until I finally gave in and shoved the notebook over.

“Ugh! Here! Just close your mouth, would you?”

He chuckled gleefully around a roll and flipped the book open.

“Hey are you writing a story?” he asked.

“No, genius. I really dream about dragons and fire and doom and gloom.”

“You look like doom and gloom all the time so I just kind of assumed…”

“Shut up!”

He swigged some coke and read over the lines again, this time aloud and with a deep trailer dude voice. I snagged the book back, but I was forced to laugh a little even as my ears burned from the embarrassment of having my pitiful lines read out loud in the hearing of earnest snackers. He grinned annoyingly before turning about as serious as he ever gets.

“It sounds pretty cool. You gonna keep writing?”

“I don’t know. It’s kinda lame, isn’t it?”

“Uh, no, obviously not because I’m in it.”

“Just because I couldn’t think of any other name at the moment doesn’t mean you’re in it!”

“Aww, come on. It would be pretty cool for the two of us to go on an adventure with dragons and stuff, even if it is only on paper.”

That decided it for me. He was really annoying at all times of the day, but it would be kinda cool to defeat evil together. I uncapped my pen and was about to start writing again when I noticed Sean watching the paper like a hawk.

“Go away! I can’t write with you watching me!”


“Go annoy somebody else!”

“Just don’t kill me off! He threw a baby carrot at me before trotting off to probably find some poor stranger to entertain. I hunched over the paper again and slipped back into the dream world where dragons and fire and perhaps even destiny awaited.

Hope you enjoyed! Remember to read all the entries and then vote on your very favorite two stories! Have a great Tuesday! 🙂

24 thoughts on “Dreaming on the Open Ocean – #BlogBattle

  1. I really liked this and I wanted to read more! Loved the start! It was the line ‘the end of everything I loved’ that made me think ‘ooh interesting’! Like the banter between them too 🙂

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  2. I really liked this. It put a smile on my face. 🙂 It made me think back to my passion for writing and imagining and how I used to get lost in journals that often took me away from school work. Your character is on a cruise and still can’t pull away from the stories. That says something about the need to write!

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  3. Intriguing. Could be the start of a very interesting story. Dreaming of dragons… hey, that could be a good title for something. 🙂

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  4. A great sister and brother duo! They could totally save the world together. 🙂 I really want more. You can totally ignore any suggestions I’ve made because now you have three very great stories I NEED to read more of. Get busy, busy girl! 😉

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