Looking for Betas!


Rare post for a Sunday, but I’m going to be busy for the next few weeks with other posts and stuff so I wanted to go ahead and ask. Would anyone be interested in beta reading my fairy tale retelling I plan to submit for the Roogelwood Press Five Enchanted Spindles contest? I have been calling itΒ The Sleeper in the Standing Stones, but I’m kind of thinking of changing it to The Legend of Lochnarra.

I’ve teased it a few times, given some excerptsΒ that you can check out, and generally been excited about it for awhile.


When Princess Alainn rejects the suit of sea captain, Dagur Arrison, he threatens to bring a curse down upon her. She and her people ride to war against him, little realizing how real his threat is. Once Dagur obtains a rare stone, he envokes an ancient curse, using a simple needle to transfer it to Alainn. One prick is all it takes. Human by day, dragon by night, Alainn now becomes a weapon under his control.

The wizard Finbar enlists the help of the elusive Fae to reverse the spell. In the Highlands there is a ring of standing stones, with magic strong enough to counter the curse. Finbar and the Fae spin a spell that sends Alainn into a deep sleep to protect both her and her people. As the war continues, there is little hope for the sleeping princess, but Prince Ianto is determined to break the spell. One way or another, he will free the woman he loves.

So, I’ve only done about one round of edits and gotten kind of stuck on what it needs to finish it off. (Also school started again and I don’t have a ton of extra time for editing. 😦 ) And I’m hoping that having someone read (who’s not a family member) it will help me figure out what it needs to make it all sparkly and clean and contest ready. πŸ™‚

Ready? Go!

Sign Ups Closed.

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