Silly Feeling – Blog Tour & Review


Time for another book tour! Today I’m hosting author Willowy Whisper and her new short story, Silly Feeling. I’ll be reviewing it today, but first a little bit about it!


Church camp is one week. Five days. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing. She’s just being silly…


But Hannah can’t rid the feeling, and as the week unfolds, she wonders if perhaps it’s not such a silly feeling after all.


My Review:


This was a really interesting short story set around church camp. It involved many different characters (sometimes a downside as the varied POVs got confusing trying to remember who was who), all of whom have different struggles.

It was a fun peek into the lives and emotions of teens away at church camp. I can’t say too much due to spoilers, but some of the kids had some issues and it was interesting to see it all play out.

The writing was excellent and the main reason this story got 4 stars. Ms. Whisper has some amazing talent and I look forward to reading more of her work. If you’re looking for a quick read I’d pick this up. The content tended toward the more serious side with some of the characters, but overall it was a good story!

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