Feelin’ A Little Haggard


I’m comfortably curled up on the couch and reveling in the fact that I AM DONE FOR THE SEMESTER! Sorry I just shouted. Any minute now the euphoria will wear off and I’ll succumb to the end-of-finals exhaustion.

Another semester is in the books and, if all continues to go well, I only have two more semesters of course work before I get to out on clinicals for a year. But that’s in the future and right now I’m going to focus on my 5 week break. It’s a little longer than usual but you will not hear me complaining. πŸ™‚

So, what to do for 5 weeks?

Read! I have a stack of books on my shelf that I’m dying to read and I picked up a bunch of ebooks recently that beckon to me every time I turn on my computer. And catch up on all the awesome blogs that I follow! Sorry if I start spamming you when I get a chance to through all the marvelous posts.

Write! I have two stories that I want to try and finish. One story that needs overhauling desperately. We’ll see if that happens this break. It doesn’t feel like the right time to work on it, if that makes sense. I need to get back to my serial story, Children of Two Worlds, since it hasn’t run in 2 weeks!! Profuse apologies to all who follow it! I also need to get back to some sort of schedule on this blog. It’s been kind of hit and miss over the last few weeks. I miss #BlogBattles…

Oh, yeah, and I need to work on publishing that book I’ve been telling y’all about. πŸ˜‰

Sleep! ‘Nough said. I’m tired during the semester, but finals week takes it to a whole new level. The only one who doesn’t feel sorry for me is the dog. Since the nights have started to get colder, we bring our dogs inside. Our 1 year old puppy sleeps in his kennel in my room out of the way. Let me tell you, he does not appreciate getting woken up at 5 am so I can have my review session. He gave me the stink eye yesterday for a full minute like “dumb human, turn off the light so I can sleep”. I apologized to his Royal Highness and kept studying. He’ll probably appreciate the lack of alarms and quiet sobbing tomorrow morning. (Just kidding about the sobbing. Maybe. :P)

This is the puppy. He was keeping me company during a late night study session on my bed. And then I had a heck of a time convincing him to go into his kennel. We named him Killian after Captain Hook in Once Upon A Time.


I actually also need to get Christmas shopping done. And try to reconcile myself to the fact that Christmas is in two weeks. School sucks the spirit right out of you. I still think it’s mid-October so… πŸ˜› Our house is half decorated and I’m now listening to Josh Groban sing Christmas songs since it’s after Thanksgiving and it’s now legal to listen to this sort of thing. πŸ˜‰

So what about you? Do you get a Christmas break? What are your plans for the holidays? What’s your favorite Christmas Carol??


The title is sort of in reference to the Brandon Rhyder song “Haggard”.Β 

4 thoughts on “Feelin’ A Little Haggard

  1. Wow! Claire! Five whole weeks of break?!!!!!! What happened? I get just a little over a week off. Out on Christmas Eve and back on January 4th. Five weeks sounds like heaven. Have fun and maybe I can see you all sometime during the time I’m home.

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  2. Sorry I’m getting to this late! Wow, a 5 week break, that’s awesome, and well deserved!
    What book are you reading first? πŸ™‚
    Killian, lol, I love it! He’s one of my fav characters. That puppy looks quite happy on your bed in that photo. πŸ˜€ He’s like “Don’t you dare make me move!”
    I’m so glad you made it through the semester, working your butt off, and now you have time to recuperate. Enjoy it to the fullest! Sing those Christmas songs loud for all to hear! πŸ˜€ “Joooy to the world~”
    Merry Christmas!!!

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