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Today I’m excited to bring you another post as part of Tricia Mingerink’s blog tour for her new book, Deny! I reviewed the book last week and finally got my paperback copy in the mail yesterday. And now I’m waiting for my sisters to read it so we can all freak out about the ending. 😛

Anyway. Today Tricia has graciously agreed to answer a few questions. Here we go!

Howdy, Tricia, and welcome back to The Overactive Imagination! As many people know, I’m a huge fan of The Blades of Acktar series. How have you reacted to the enthusiasm for your books?

The enthusiasm is humbling, actually. I never expected to have people tell me I’m their favorite author after J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis or mention they got my book for their birthday or that they dressed up as one of my characters for literary day at school. I’ve been told a school in Indiana has a waiting list of kids who want to read the book from the school’s library. Sometimes, I feel very inadequate, but that’s a good thing. It reminds me to give the words and the fruit of those words over to God.

Also, guys, as of yesterday, Dare and Deny were ranked in the top three Christian Fantasy best sellers on Amazon! *cue wild applause for Tricia*

That’s so awesome! You’ve mentioned that you had to walk away several times while editing Deny. Is there a spoiler free explanation you can share? 😉

There’s a point in the story right before things go downhill for the characters. I got to that point in the first draft on a Friday night, and I had to take the Saturday off to leave the characters at that happy place for one weekend. While writing the climax, I had to stop a few times and catch my breath. It was that intense of a writing experience.

Well, it was an intense reading experience too. 😛 The genre of the series is Fantasy. Is there another genre you want to try?

I have ideas for a dystopian, steampunk, and fairy tale mash ups, all things that are pretty close to fantasy. I guess if I were to write something really different, I’d write historical fiction. I love history, and someday I probably will write something historical-ish.

I love fairy tale mashups! But I don’t think I’m brave enough to write historical fiction. Who is the easiest character to write and why?

Brandi. She spouts the first thing that pops into her head, which is incredibly refreshing to write compared to Renna. I have to drag everything from Renna with a team of wild horses (okay, not really, but it feels like it).

Haha! If you need any support or encouragement during the writing process, who do you turn to?

I have several people. My sister-in-law (who is pretty much my twin separated at birth) is the person I go to when I need to vent about characters. I have a couple of friends who read everything I write as soon as I write it, and they help with plot.

Now for some fun questions! If you knew you were going to leave an unfinished manuscript behind, what would you do?

I’d make sure it has a tantalizing ending so whoever reads it would always wonder how it would end. 😉

Haha! I love it. 🙂 What fictional character do you most want to have dinner with?

Tough question! I’d love to meet Jace from The Ilyon Chronicles or Parvin from A Time to Die. But I think if I had to pick only one, I’d go with a favorite from childhood and pick Lucy from The Chronicles of Narnia. Odds are, she’d take me to have dinner in Narnia with a faun or perhaps even a dinner on the Dawn Treader. That would be amazing.

Lucy is a solid choice. (Although Jaaace! :P) Name one book who’s ending you would change.

Mockingjay. That was not a satisfying enough ending for me after everything that happened in those books! Probably realistic, but I tend to like happy endings.

Totally agree! That’s all my questions! Thanks for stopping by!

About the Author

Tricia Mingerink is a twenty-something, book-loving, horse-riding country girl. She lives in Michigan with her family and their pack of pets. When she isn’t writing, she can be found pursuing backwoods adventures across the country.

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About the Book

All lies have consequences.

Promoted to the top rank among King Respen’s assassins, First Blade Leith Torren hides his involvement with the Resistance. How many lies will it take to protect his secret?

Renna Faythe has done nothing but survive for the past four years, but now Leith’s courage inspires her to try to be something more. If only she could figure out what that duty might be.

When the unthinkable happens, faith waivers. Friendships tear. What else will they be forced to deny? But this time, Leith faces his greatest fear. He can’t save everyone.



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