The Force Is With Me

Howdy! April was kind of awesomely productive for me, so therefore I am one with the Force and the Force is with me. Since it's May 4, I'm running with this. 🙂 As a recap - I finished writing a book! Ahhhhhh! The Wolf Prince is complete and took the rest of April off to rest … Continue reading The Force Is With Me

The Spaceship-Eating Swamp – #BlogBattle

Howdy! It's been *looks anywhere but the archives* a long time since I did a #BlogBattle. But I'm in the middle of finals week and trying to procrastinate and this week's word fairly screamed Frankie and Fyrn, so here we are. 🙂 #BlogBattles are hosted by the amazing Rachel Ritchey. You can find all the … Continue reading The Spaceship-Eating Swamp – #BlogBattle

Children of Two Worlds – 3.2

______________________________________________________________ Chapter 3, Part 2 ______________________________________________________________ Cassie sat in the back of the ambulance, awkwardly holding a blanket around her shoulders. It would be easier if she wasn’t wearing handcuffs. The only reason she was sitting in the ambulance instead of the back of a cop car was because of the impressive road burn on … Continue reading Children of Two Worlds – 3.2