Permian Basic Comic Con X Recap!


Well, it’s only taken me forever (ok, just 2 weeks) to do this, but here’s the recap from my Comic Con fun a few weeks ago! It was a local Con (which was awesome) and the second annual in our area. I attended the first Con last year and had an absolute blast! So this year was highly anticipated.

Despite being exhausted from school and Spring Break (in which my body apparently decided to realize how tired it was despite doing nothing exertional the whole week), my sister Jocelyn and I arrived Friday for our set up.Β IMG_1115

Friday evening was for the VIPs. We saw some familiar faces and over the course of the weekend would meet people who had stopped by last year’s booth. Costumes were on point this year, and as anticipated, there were plenty of Reys and Avengers running around. Saturday was kind of long, but we entertained ourselves during the spots of down time (as evidenced by the last few pictures and the video if you’re unlucky enough to follow me on Facebook). Sunday was a bit lighter in attendance, but still fun!

There were several new authors I connected with and one who gave me some tips on other Cons in Texas that I should attend. We chatted with people who had read theΒ Rise of Aredor series from last year. The response was really positive and they came back looking for more. Sadly, there are only two books in the series, but then my sister opened her mouth and told them all about the kazillion short stories I have written and how I should publish them. They all agreed with her, so now that project is moving up on the list. Adela’s Curse was well received. Although some young kids didn’t believe we had gotten the wings correct on the faery. I tried to explain that was just how I imagined them, but didn’t get very far.

I was set up in an aisle with a bunch of other authors, so it was tons of fun to chat with them and see avid readers come down the line with ever-growing stacks of books. And it was actually a really cool feeling when people walked by or stopped and recognized me and the books. πŸ™‚

We might not have been as successful as last year, but plenty of books found new homes with readers and bookmarks and business cards got handed out, so I call it a win. πŸ™‚

And now, enjoy some of the pics from the weekend!


We weren’t the droids they were looking for.


Kylo Ren on the prowl


Thorin Oakenshield. Admittedly, this one took a second for us to figure out, but it’s pretty awesome.


Thorin’s buddy, Van Helsing


One of many Rey’s


Rey, Han Solo, and Leia in the Endor Moon outfit.


Speedy from the Arrow TV show


The two best Avengers. Fun Fact: Cap made his entire outfit except the shield. It was fantastic.


The family that makes their own chain mail and weapons. I wish I had gotten a picture of the design in the back of the dad’s mail.


LEGO Cap, Bucky, and a tiny Black Widow


The very suave Lando Calrissian


He’s Mad! The Hatter and his home made costume.


We got bored. Again.




We also got weird cake pops.

Also fun fact: I mentioned that another author recommended some other Cons… So I’m going to have a booth at the Houston Space City Con on May 28-30 where Billie Piper, I repeat BILLIE PIPER will be in attendance. Also Alex Kingston and the 6th Doctor, but Billie Piper, guys. I’ll be in the same building as her. πŸ™‚ ❀

19 thoughts on “Permian Basic Comic Con X Recap!

  1. ALEX KINGSTON!! (Sorry, but I wasn’t quite a fan of Rose … but EXCITING!!) And for YEARS (okay, two) I’ve been trying to get my family to go to comic con, but alas, they’ve said no (despite me, my sister, and my dad wanting to go). BUT. I told my dad last week that for my 16th birthday I want to go to comic con, ’cause I figured two years warning is plenty! And I think I’m gonna go then! COMIC CON! Good luck! πŸ™‚

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  2. So Very COOL! So sorry I forgot to send you that promotional stuff. I got sidetracked with sick kids then got sick myself. Ugh. I remember but not until the day before. haha Congrats and keep up the fantastic work!

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    • Hehe! I’m so stinking excited! Even though I probably won’t have a chance to stalk Billie Piper. πŸ˜‰

      Comic Cons are fun, even though I’ve only gone as a vendor. My sister is trying to convince me to go in costume at some point.


  3. Billie Piper?!!!!!!!!!! That sounds like the best Comic con to go to right now! (wish traveling wasn’t so expensive, argh).

    Anywho, glad you two terrible duo had fun at the Permian comic con. πŸ˜› Love the selfies.
    You should totally dress up for a comic con! Can vendors dress up?
    Who would you dress as?

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