The Force Is With Me


April was kind of awesomely productive for me, so therefore I am one with the Force and the Force is with me. Since it’s May 4, I’m running with this. 🙂

As a recap – I finished writing a book! Ahhhhhh! The Wolf Prince is complete and took the rest of April off to rest and wait for me to get ready to edit.

And on Monday, I finished the first round of edits for the second edition of The Rise of Aredor!!!!! It was quite lovely to head back to Aredor with “my boys”. I’m reading back through the entire book again this week in preparation for sending it off to some lovely readers who volunteered to beta it to make sure I didn’t go too crazy and actually made some improvements to the book. 🙂

Now to decide if I jump right in to The Wildcat of Braeton, or take a break and edit TWP.


Today is my last day of being a student. Ever.

That’s right. Today is my last day of clinicals. I head back to west Texas tomorrow and get ready for a week of seminars before graduation next Saturday!!!!!! Excuse me while I kind of freak out about impending adulthood. 😛

ALSO: I have a real life job interview tomorrow at a pediatric clinic in Ft. Worth. Prayers, good luck wishes my direction would be greatly appreciated. I haven’t interviewed for anything in 3 years and haven’t interviewed for a job in longer than that.

It’s been a crazy month and May is shaping up to be just as crazy. It’ll be a fun, wild ride. Be expecting pictures and another freakout post after graduation. 🙂

Happy Star Wars Day!

How was your April? Did you win Camp NaNo? Are you graduating this month?

8 thoughts on “The Force Is With Me

  1. That’s awesome! (I know I don’t usually comment, but I followed the Star Wars reference and decided I needed to congratulate you because finishing a book is always so exciting!)

    And congratulations on graduating, too! I hope you’re able to get that job. 🙂

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    • The interview went well! I’ll hear within the next few weeks. 🙂

      And, yes, it is an exciting feeling!! My instructor took me out for burgers and beer to celebrate being done. 🙂


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