Unlocked! The Faeries of Myrnius Book 3


So we didn’t quite reach the goal of 10 Facebook likes, but we’re really really close so I decided to go ahead and post this. So if you haven’t already, go like the Facebook page!  Also, I’m just so stinking excited about this book and want to tell everyone about it. 🙂

First off, check out today’s posts!

Rachael Steele (who’s already been awesome and posted TWICE for the tour is hosting a spotlight for Count Stefan.

Lauren Gunter, friend and editor of Adela’s Curse is having me over for an interview

And Abby Cashen has review #5 on her blog!

And now, get ready for…

Winter Spell

Rough Synopsis

Zoe probably shouldn’t even exist. Her blood is a rare mix of ocean faery and ice faery. Her magic is buried too deep within her to access. She doesn’t feel comfortable in the swirling depths of the ocean or on land.  But when a mysterious attack releases her magic, freezing the ocean and an entire continent, she is forced to head north to her father’s people. She is joined by a faery from the plains of Gephryn and a faery from Myrnius’ forest. A human of Myrnius also joins their quest, a feat in itself due to long standing distrust between faeries and humans. But they must tread cautiously in the realm of the ice faeries where fear and betrayal await.


This is still in the idea stage. I have written down quite a few notes and finally figured out a big plot point the other day (actually it was a 4 in the morning after randomly waking up). But like I said, I’m really excited about this book. The reason? Ice faeries, people! And a chance to use the word “caribou”. It’s such a cool word.

This might sound a little like a outrageously popular Disney movie, but since we’re dealing with ice, I suppose some comparisons will be inevitable. But, no, I’m not going for a retelling at all.

How does this fit in with Adela’s Curse? Well, despite being set many years after the events of Adela’s Curse (and even the Wolf Prince), it will still tie in with Adela’s Curse in (I think) a neat way.

So what do you think about Book 3?


There will be 3 winners! Up for prizes are 2 copies of Adela’s Curse and 1 paperback copy of The Rise of Aredor which is celebrating its 2nd birthday on March 11!

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8 thoughts on “Unlocked! The Faeries of Myrnius Book 3

  1. So this is the book you’ve been keeping so secret! 😉 j/k. Ice and ocean, I’m liking that concept! We get to see more of the series world, which is great. And ice fairies? How “cool” is that! (okay, lame pun, I know). I’m especially curious how it will connect to the previous books. 😀

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