Children of Two Worlds – 21.2

Chapter 21, Part 2

“Don’t even think about trying to slip these,” a guard snarled as he fastened cuffs around Mariah’s wrists. She didn’t tell him that she didn’t even have to think in order to phase through the cuffs. She was pulling other people through walls now, so cuffs were no problem at all. Kyle was similarly cuffed and guarded warily by men with the high powered tasers.

The leader of the group indicated that they should start walking and they headed further down their trail.

Are we going all the way back to town? Mariah wondered. This will raise some awkward questions.

They hadn’t walked too far before changing directions and heading off in a diagonal to their original path. The roar of a passing car guided them to their destination and Mariah’s heart fell even further when she saw three black SUVs parked by the side of the highway. The head honcho spoke into his radio and a reply crackled back. A car door swung open and Amelli stepped out. He took a glance up and down the road before heading into the trees towards them.

“I’m a bit impressed,” Amelli said, looking first at Mariah and then at Kyle.

“Thanks,” Mariah’s defiant reply squeaked a little. Kyle shook his head slightly at her side.

“But I should have known that you wouldn’t do as you were told,” Amelli stood in front of Kyle. “You have an explanation as to why you ran with her instead of bringing her to our side?”

Kyle didn’t say anything, but Mariah hadn’t been lying when she threatened to tell Amelli to shove it not too long ago.

“The aliens told us to,” she cut in, with an eye roll as derisive as she could physically attempt. She thought Kyle might have smiled as Amelli turned to her in anger. A few of the guards also smothered a smirk or two.

“One more word from you and you’ll regret it,” he threatened.

“What are you going to do? Zap me or finally turn the doctors loose on me?” Mariah shot back.

Amelli narrowed his eyes and looked past her shoulder with a nod. Mariah didn’t even have time to think before the blunt end of the taser stick was set against her ribs and discharged. She crumpled to the ground without a sound, barely seeing Kyle grab the man’s stick, jerking it away and kicking him in the stomach.

She tried to tell him to stop as he attacked another soldier but nothing seemed to be working properly. Amelli ducked behind another guard. More converged on Kyle, sticks raised.

“Enough!” Amelli shouted. Two sticks rested against Mariah. Kyle looked helplessly down at her and raised his hands in a gesture of surrender. Her mouth was almost working again. She wanted to tell him to run, but she was too late as a guard brought the butt of his rifle across the back of Kyle’s head and he dropped unconscious. They were both picked up and hustled to the cars and loaded in the back.

Mariah kept as still as she could. She didn’t want the guards to get any more trigger happy. The bumps from the road jostled Kyle’s head against the floor of the car. She winced every time. He was already going to have a headache when he woke up and this wasn’t helping.

His eyes finally cracked open and she sighed in relief.

“You okay?” she kept her voice as low as possible over the road noise. His hands jerked in the cuffs before he remembered what happened.

“You okay?” He didn’t answer her question. She held up her hands and wiggled her fingers.

“Still in one piece. How’s your head?” She tried again. He rubbed the aching body part in question.

“I’ll be fine,” he said. “Any idea where they’re taking us?”

One of the guards finally heard them. “Home, freaks.” He laughed.

Mariah scowled up at him and he jabbed the stick into her face. Kyle jerked to her defense again but the other guard in the seat in front of them held something up.

“Try it, I dare you,” he goaded. Kyle relaxed, spreading his hands in a placating gesture. The guards laughed and withdrew a fraction. Kyle put a hand to his chest and Mariah watched him outline a shape on his chest.

“What is that?” she dared to ask.

“A wireless version of this,” the guard with the taser supplied. “Just push a button and down he goes.”

It was Kyle’s turn to glare.

“Shouldn’t have tried to run again,” the solider replied.

Mariah waited until they turned all the way around before scooting closer to Kyle.

“I’m not giving up,” she promised.

“You might as well. This was our last chance,” he replied and turned away. She kneed him in the back.

“Remember what we talked about?” she hissed. “Bring them to us.”

But his whole body slumped in defeat and he didn’t answer. Mariah sniffed away a stray tear. She didn’t know if it was fear or frustration. They had been so close. They had a way out. Cassie was looking for them. She wasn’t going to let Kyle give up. Because if he did, then she’d never get to go back where she belonged.

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