Children of Two Worlds – 22.1

Chapter 22, Part 1

They arrived back at the facility far quicker than Mariah expected. Which, for the amount of driving and running they had done, was not fair at all. She and Kyle were unloaded from the back of the SUV and escorted back into the facility. They hadn’t even been gone twelve hours. Something else that wasn’t fair. Despair pricked at her heart as they entered the elevator. She tried to muster up the stubborn determination she’d had only a few hours ago, but it became harder and harder as they were taken past their old cells, deeper into the sub level.

Kyle still hadn’t said anything and he stared at the ground as they walked. Mariah didn’t dare try and ask him where they were going, and she didn’t think the guards would be too forthcoming either. So she took in as much visual information as she could to add to the layout information she already knew courtesy of her powers.

They halted in front of an impressive door reinforced with steel bars between the bullet proof glass. The lead guard tapped a code on the touch screen and the bolt slid smoothly back to allow the door to swing open. Inside the room was a large box approximately half the dimensions of the room itself built with the same clear glass. Mariah and Kyle were shoved unceremoniously inside and the door was shut. A faint hum immediately started up.

Mariah started to feel claustrophobic even there was more than enough room stand and walk around inside the box. The guards stood outside and one checked a screen in the far corner of the outside room. Amelli stepped inside the outer room, coming right up to their new prison.

“This will safely contain both of you. There’s an electrical current running through the glass which will prevent you from trying to phase through,” he addressed Mariah, “with no metal for you to try and use as a conductor,” he turned to Kyle who still said nothing.

“Can we touch it?” Mariah asked.

“You can, but once you reach through the first layer of glass you will be electrocuted,” Amelli replied. “As you can perhaps tell, there are microphones that allow us to speak back and forth. They’ll also pick up anything you say and you will again be under video surveillance.”

“How long are you keeping us here?” Mariah demanded, frustration starting to build back up now that there was a wall between her and the guards.

“Get comfortable,” Amelli said.

He and the guards left the room, sealing it shut behind them, leaving Kyle and Mariah to their new home.

Mariah slumped against the wall.

“I really don’t like him,” she said. Kyle turned away and sat down on one of the beds shoved into the corners. Since he was apparently going to keep up the stoic silence, Mariah slid to the floor and closed her eyes. Might as well try and find out all she could about their prison. She focused in and discovered that this section of the sub level dead-ended into the mountain. They were surrounded on the sides and below by solid rock. The walls themselves were the same materials and design as the rest of the facility. Now only continuous high powered electrical current stood between them and freedom.

She opened her eyes and looked around. There were two beds in opposite corners and a table and two chairs. Their few belongings had been brought it as well. But she didn’t see any bathroom or changing curtain.

“Cool,” she muttered. She stood up and went over the empty bed, plopping down to face Kyle. “Now what?” she asked.

“Get comfortable,” he replied with an edge to his voice.

She readjusted her ponytail. “I thought you knew me better than that by now.”

“Well this time, we’re stuck,” he snarled.

Mariah slouched against the wall. It wasn’t her fault they’d been caught again, but she’d pushed Kyle to escape with her.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. His shoulders slumped even further.

“It’s not your fault,” he said.

“The whole thing was my idea and it didn’t work and now we’re back here again.”

“I’m not going to blame you if that’s what you’re worried about,” he said.

“I was hoping you weren’t going to.” She tried for a smile. “But you might once you get used to your new annoying girl roommate.”

He finally smiled. “Well you’ll find I’m not the best roommate either.”

“Let’s see who we can irritate more – each other or the guards.” Mariah giggled. His smile widened and he shook his head.

“You’re crazy, I ever tell you that?”

She returned the smile. “I think so. But at least it won’t be too boring, right?”

“I’d settle for less smelly at the moment,” he smirked.

“Why you…!” but she glanced down at her dirt and sweat stained clothes and realized he was probably right. “You’re no basket of roses either, pal,” she retorted. “Hey do we get to shower or anything?” she yelled.

“Bathroom privileges twice a day. You can shower tonight,” a disembodied voice replied.

“What about snacks? I get hungry.”

“Meals three times a day.”


“No.” was the flat reply.

“Oh, come on! You see how hard it is to make him talk?”

“Pipe down,” came the mildly annoyed reply.

“Don’t count on it, buddy,” Kyle said and Mariah grinned almost proudly at him. He rolled his eyes and shifted so he was laying down on the bed.

“Is it your naptime already? You’re such an old fart,” Mariah teased.

“Yeah, so pipe down,” Kyle returned. Mariah giggled and lay down as well. Failed escapes were tiring, and it didn’t look like they had anything on their schedule for the rest of the day. Her grin only widened as a pulse of energy flooded the room for a hair-raising moment. Back in business.

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