3 Years, 2 Editions, 1 Story


So technically it’s two stories. Sue me. 😛

But today kicks off the re-launch tour I pulled together to celebrate the relaunch of my books The Rise of Aredor and The Wildcat of Braeton! Instead of synopses, I’ll just tell you that these are fantasy/adventure stories about family, brotherhoods, a little snark, a touch of romance, and lots and lots of action. 🙂








So three years ago, in March 2014, The Rise of Aredor was first sent out into the world. The Wildcat of Braeton followed the next year in May 2015. And thus began my journey into the fantastical (and slightly overwhelming) world of authoring. It hasn’t been easy, especially since I was working on my physical therapy degree during that time. So, not a lot of extra time to devote to books. 😦 But now I’m all graduated with a grown up job and…slightly more time for books. 😛

So that’s part 1. In January of this year, I got the news that my publisher was shutting its doors. *cue several days of panicking* But then once I got all my files and right returned to me, I had to decide on the next step. Which after much deliberation, was to go indie with my own imprint name. So then a long summer of studying for my test and some needed edits and minor revisions on the books, all the formatting got worked out, the covers spruced up, and *hopefully* every last typo annihilated, and the shiny 2nd editions were released back to the world on September 12!

And now, I’m having a party to celebrate!

There’s lots of fun things to see this tour, so I hope you check out the blogs of all the lovely bloggers who are helping me out!

Sept 28

Daley Downing – Series review

Rachael Ritchey – Series spotlight & Interview

Deborah O’Carroll – Series spotlight & Interview

Kelsey Bryant – Series spotlight

Shannon A. Hiner – Series review

Sept 29

CB Cook – Series spotlight

Liv K. Fisher – Series spotlight & Interview

Laura A. Grace – Video Reviews!

Emily Kopf – Review for The Rise of Aredor

Shannon A. Hiner – Interview

Sept 30

Hazel West – Interview

E Rawls – Guest Post – Anatomy of Writing

Gabriellyn Gidman – Interview

E Paige Burks – Series spotlight

Sarah Addison-Fox – Series review

Faith Blum – Spotlight for The Wildcat of Braeton

So with every spotlight there will be an accompanying random fact about the series and books! There will also be excerpts from both books, so make sure you take a peek!

TOMORROW there will be a new Aredor short story up on the blog!! It will contain some mild spoilers, so read at your own peril. 😉 Haven’t read the books, but want a taste of the Aredor universe? Check out the two current short stories!


Because I love giveaways! I’m giving away 1 ebook each of The Rise of Aredor and The Wildcat of Braeton, one set of 4 notecards of the series artwork, and the Grand Prize of signed paperbacks of the series + 1 notecard of choice! Click the image to enter!

Book Sale!

Click image to be taken to Amazon to claim your copy!

So that’s it for today! I know I’ve enjoyed reading some of the early reviews by the bloggers and following along with their goodreads updates and trying not to laugh manically. 😉 So, go read and enjoy!

10 thoughts on “3 Years, 2 Editions, 1 Story

    • Thanks! 🙂
      It was such a relief to get everything worked out. I think I’ve finally relaxed for the first time since January. lol! Yeah, same here, but thankfully I was able to get everything back with minimal hassle.


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