The Last of the Re-Releases


Just popping in for a super exciting announcement!

Adela’s Curse is now re-released with the shiny second edition! Behold!

Kindle   Paperback

A curse. A murderous scheme. A choice.

A witch and her master capture a young faery and command her to kill their enemy. Adela has no choice but to obey. If she does not, they will force the location of her people’s mountain home from her and kill her. To make matters even worse, the person she is to kill is only a man struggling to save his dying land and mend a broken heart.

Count Stefan is a man simply trying to forget the woman he loves and save a land crippled by drought. When a mysterious woman arrives at his castle claiming to be a seamstress, he knows she is more than she seems.

Adela enlists the help of Damian, another faery, to try and delay the inevitable. He insists she has a choice. But with the witch controlling her every move, does she?

So is there anything different besides the cover? Yes. There are a few new scenes and some minor tweaks made that were suggested by the editor and that made the story stronger overall.

I’m super excited A) that the book is now updated and republished, and B) that I should never have to do this again. lol!

If you have a copy of the first edition already and would like a new version, sign up for my newsletter (form on top right of menu bar) and keep an eye out over the next week for an announcement and things. At this time it will only be ebooks, since I can’t afford to buy books and then ship them everywhere. Sadly. Maybe one day I’ll be made of gold. 😛


Aand quick update on the writing front. I’m getting so close to finishing The Mountain Baron! I had a fantastic writing month in January and have reached and finished the climax, so now it’s just winding down and tying up loose ends, but that will still take about 10K more…

I’ve started back on edits for The Wolf Prince, book 2 in The Faeries of Myrnius series. It’s been fun slowly diving back into this story.

My goals for this month were to finish TMB and be mostly done with edits on TWP, but February is proving quite hectic and I have hardly made progress on either goal, so we shall see if these get met.


Life is still generally busy right now. But my family is coming in to town this weekend, so that will be fun to see some of them. And not gonna lie, being busy has created a nice break from writing. I churned out 22K in January, which is a ton for me, so I may or may not have been a little braindead. But I’m slowly working back in.

How’s your life been? Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Favorite fictional couple? Fictional crush?

We already know mine is Eomer. I’m pulling from my books and think Corin and Mera are the cutest couple. 😛 I know I have more, but I can’t think of any others right now…

2 thoughts on “The Last of the Re-Releases

    • Thanks! 20K was my goal for January and I’m kind of impressed I squeaked in at the last minute to be honest. 😛 It was all pretty much in The Mountain Baron too, so hence the reason I haven’t really gotten back into it. I ran out of available words. 😛

      YAY! I’m getting excited to start planning covers and releases and such for The Wolf Prince. Motivation to actually do the edits now. 😉

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