Here There Be Sea Dragons


Since the last month was kind all about The Wolf Prince on the days that I actually did post something *coughs awkwardly*, I’ve decided to reveal a little bit about the new project I’m working on.

And also because I’ve kind of been teasing it around and multiple people have demanded to know more about it.

I spontaneously started this project back in June as a way to defeat writer’s block and have loved it so much I’ve kept going. And now I’m laughing at myself since I thought it was going to be a nice little short story, but it’s climbed its way past 30K and don’t even think I’m at the midpoint yet.

Let this be a cautionary lesson, my friends. 😉


Tentative title is The Dragon of Durmuth.

Blurb time….

Christian Castellan is slowly turning into a sea dragon. 

His younger brother Gavin will do anything to stop it. 

Fairy Agent Renee Galligher is down to her last chance in the Bureau of Magical Affairs. The Agency Commander is back on her “true love conquers all” kick. Guess who’s up to bat? 

*Full synopsis potentially coming soon to the WIP page*

Ahh! It’s been so much fun so far. It’s a bit of a deviation from my standard medieval type fantasy. I’m going modern/urbanish fantasy, still with plenty of snark and sibling moments, and am giving a romance subplot a whirl.

SPOILER that’s not really a spoiler. Renee falls in love with the younger brother. OH NO WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN? I’d actually like to know as well, so this is awkward…

JK! My sister and I had a great brainstorming session a few weeks ago and I figured out some solid plot things and am all excited for this story again!

Have a quote!

As you can see, this is very much a stormy beach/ocean type story and I should take a beach vacation for research purposes *nods*.

Also, I think I’m about to take a nosedive into modern type fantasy because three of my next projects I’ve lined up are more modern, and I just wrote a short story over the weekend that’s modern fantasy with soldiers, magic, and giant vipers in the desert and it was so much fun and I am considering making it a newsletter short (unless you’d rather see a short story from one of my published books – please let me know!!)

Thoughts on this crazy new project of mine? Favorite modern/urban fantasy? I want more books to read! 😉


17 thoughts on “Here There Be Sea Dragons

  1. Sounds so, so awesome!! I was wrong, though. That doesn’t help. It just makes me wanna read it even more. XO
    And aren’t sisters awesome for brainstorming? I haven’t found any better way, honestly.
    Definitely the modern fantasy short story!! It sounds really cool too!!

    (I’ve just used up my exclamation point allotment for the month, thanks so much.) 😛

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  2. Thanks for sharing your current project! I love the premise and can’t wait to read some excerpts and hear more about it! And see some more urban fantasy writing of yours with the short story you were mentioning; it sounds like you had a fun time writing it. 😉

    I don’t read a ton of urban fantasy. It’s just not my go-to genre, (and also so many of the books I’ve been reading recently are indie, and I don’t know of many indie authors that write urban fantasy.) A couple I have read are by Rachel Starr Thomson. One urban fantasy series that’s on my immediate to-read list is the Sky Fall series by Shannon Messenger, the author of a middle grade fantasy series I recently reluctantly fell in love with. It has air elementals and such, and I’m intrigued. 😉

    Oh, and the other day at the library I looked at an urban fantasy called The November Girl by Lydia Kang that has a weird twist with one character being the daughter of a lake that intrigued me, though, I don’t think it’s for me. 😛

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    • urban fantasy is not really my go to either, which is why I find it borderline hilarious that all the sudden I’m kind of dabbling in it. 🙂

      Ooh! I think I read the first book in Rachel Starr Thomson’s series a few years ago. Is it the one with the angels?

      Those others sound intriguing! I’ve read a few of the fairy tale books my Shannon Messenger and really liked it, so maybe I’ll check out that series as well!


      • Well, I say go for it anyway! I rarely read space age sci-fi works, but my very favorite book in the genre was written by an author who typically writes historical fiction but had a story and decided to go with it, despite the huge genre shift.

        Rachel Starr Thomson has several series out. I think the Oneness Cycle is the angel one you’re thinking of, and the urban fantasy ones. I only read the first book or two, but I enjoyed them and would have continued them, (I just haven’t yet for some reason.)

        I read the first book of her Seventh World series too, a long time ago, but it’s described as “Christian fantasy adventure with hints of steampunk and depths of spiritual truth.” LOL I really need to read some more of her books; they always make me stop and think of things from a different angle, and the author really has a beautiful passion for her Savior.


  3. Oh my goodness, it sounds even more amazing now that you shared more about it!! SQUEE. Also, cautionary lesson indeed. XD Your posts are hilarious as always and aaaahh I need this storyyyy! Urban Fantasy isn’t usually my thing but I definitely write it sometimes and I’ve been enjoying more of ’em lately, so it just seems to depend. But this one sounds AMAZING. ❤

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