Children of Two Worlds – 2.1

Howdy! It's Saturday! Enjoy your weekly dose of Children of Two Worlds while I'm off to a local library picnic to do a reading and book signing of The Rise of Aredor series and then study for my test on Monday! Wish me luck for the reading! I'm a bit nervous... Chapter 2, Part 1 There was … Continue reading Children of Two Worlds – 2.1

The Liebster Award x 2!

Howdy! Today is quite special as I am finally getting around to answering not one, but TWO, Liebster award nominations!! Many many thanks to Shantelle Hannu and Candice Coates! I've never been nominated for one of these blogging award thingees and then to get two nominations within a few weeks of each other was quite … Continue reading The Liebster Award x 2!