Discovering Rapunzel In A New Fairy Tale

Howdy! A few weeks ago I helped reveal the completely epic cover for Author Hope Ann's collection of fairy tale retellings. And today as part of launch week, I have her over to share some fun facts about Rapunzel! Burning Rose and Rapunzel A girl trapped in a tower attracts a prince with her singing, then … Continue reading Discovering Rapunzel In A New Fairy Tale

What’s Next For Aredor?

Howdy! So, in trying to come up with a post for today to finish up the relaunch, I went back to the new reviews (that I'm seriously still grinning about) and some resulting conversations in comments and in interviews. So, if you've read The Wildcat of Braeton, you know about the epilogue. If you haven't, I'm … Continue reading What’s Next For Aredor?