It’s Aliiiive!!

By which I mean that The Wolf Prince is free and out in the wilds! *screams forever* I'm so excited to finally share this story with y'all! I had originally planned to release it last year, but life got in the way and I decided to invest in another round of edits with my brilliant editor … Continue reading It’s Aliiiive!!

The 777 Challenge Strikes Again!

Howdy! I was tagged last week by the lovely Rebekah Devall for the 777 Challenge. Except this one is a bit different from ones I've done in the past. You get to do paragraphs! Rules! Open WIP to the seventh page Scroll past the seventh line Copy the next seven paragraphs…. and paste them on … Continue reading The 777 Challenge Strikes Again!

Achievement Unlocked: Forever Long Novel Completed

In which I relate 100% to Frodo after destroying the ring. I FINISHED WRITING THE MOUNTAIN BARON!! It took me just over four years. 2-3 different plot arcs were cut. At least 1 character didn't make it into the final version. And the grand total word count is 135,592. This is the longest thing … Continue reading Achievement Unlocked: Forever Long Novel Completed

Exploring Calvyrn – Irresistible World Building Blog Hop

Howdy! Today as part of the fantabulous Janeen Ippolito's launch of her new writing book Irresistible World Building , I have been invited to share about one of my story worlds! I picked Calvyrn from The Wolf Prince  in honor of it going to the editor today and being published later this year. 🙂 For those of you … Continue reading Exploring Calvyrn – Irresistible World Building Blog Hop