2 Years Is Not A Long Time

Howdy! You know what's exciting? Tomorrow marks the 2 year anniversary of this blog! OMG! This is kind of crazy to me. It started out simply enough. I had a book coming out. A friend had just started blogging and he suggested I start one to help with promotion. I had little to no idea … Continue reading 2 Years Is Not A Long Time

Adela’s Curse – Blog Tour Recap

Howdy! Last week, the blog tour went really smoothly, amazingly enough. It was only my second time to organize an event like this and the first time I had nowhere near the same number of people! You can find the complete schedule HERE in case you missed a post or two. Adela's Curse got some … Continue reading Adela’s Curse – Blog Tour Recap

Why Being A PT Student and Watching Movies Is Hard

If you weren't aware that there would be pitfalls such as this, let me be the first to reassure that besides diagnosing yourself with incurable diseases, watching certain movies has obtained a certain level of difficulty. The other day I was watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit because it was streaming free on Amazon. Anyway there's … Continue reading Why Being A PT Student and Watching Movies Is Hard